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I thought it would be useful to gather our stories into a slightly more coherent index than the archives, categories or tags, which I find a bit difficult to navigate.

We like walking. Have you noticed? We do day walks, overnight hikes and longer hikes.

Our walking photos can be found here.

We don’t write up all of our walks; many are mundane though fun yomps through regularly visited places (e.g. New Forest). Or we did not have anything very interesting to say about the walk except: we went here and walked some and then had lunch and then walked some more. Riveting stuff. Or, sometimes, we just plain forgot to write it up.  Nonetheless, here are the ones we did write about:


The Overland Track, Dec 2006: an 8 day hike in Tasmania.


Southern England: various walks near (or not so near!) Southampton.



Northumbria, Dec 2007: day walks from our hostel base in Byrness.

  • Part 1: up Byrness Hill (side trip to Scotland)
  • Part 2: a bit of Hadrian’s Wall and a walk near Byrness village

South Downs Way, Jan 2009: a four-day walk along the eastern half of the South Downs Way from Alfriston to Eastbourne, when we stayed in B&Bs rather than camping!

  • Part 1: Amberley to near Lewes
  • Part 2: near Lewes to Eastbourne




  • Munros and Midges: a four-day walk from Dalwhinnie to Glen Nevis in the height of muggy, midgey summer (Part IPart II)


Kungsleden Trail, July 2008: an 8 day hike north of the Arctic Circle.


Brecon Beacons


  • Snowdon, May 2008: day walk up by the Rhyd Dhu Path, return by the Snowdon Ranger’s Path.

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